British Columbia – Great Canadian Heli-Skiing – January 2008

My last trip to Great Canadian – too big for this site

Wolf Creek – a great weekend at my home away from home – too big for this site

Berthoud Pass, Colorado



One of my best days ever at Loveland – too big a file for this site


Alaska – a typical run in Haines, AK

Other Peoples’ Videos

I’m almost reluctant to link to the following video as it is many ways the most terrifying I’ve ever see – a helmet cam capturing a skier caught in an avalanche in Haines, Alaska – viewer beware – may induce nightmares

Here’s a scary and ultimately funny one sent to me recently by my friend Mark Kirk – a skier hole in one after hucking off a cliff

Avalanches don’t happen in the trees? Think again after watching this video of an avalanche near Wolf Creek Pass