Hail to the Wolf – President’s Day 2011

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It’s been a tough season for Wolf Creek. Their ski patrol director died in an avalanche back in November and seemingly in remorse the snow gods have been withholding their usual bounty from the area. Although I did not know him personally, I’m sure I had met him because I’ve always made it a point to thank the patrollers there for the incredible effort they put in keeping open the entire area for what is often only a few people. This includes extensive hike to terrain where my friend Kevin and I spent most of our weekend enjoying turn after turn of deep untracked snow despite the presence of several thousand Texans who were enjoying the President’s Day Weekend.

A typical turn at the Wolf

If you’ve followed my blog at all you know that Wolf Creek has a special place in my heart. I have had more epic days there than anywhere else but more than that it’s just got a relaxed vibe that you can’t find at the major ski areas. The lifts may be slow and the runs short but few other places can deliver the powder as consistently as the Wolf. This weekend was no exception but the irony was that the supposed bigger snow day (Sunday – 14″ new) was just a tease for Monday (a supposed 6″ in 24 but more realistically overnight) when the sun came out and the crowds went home. We worked hard for our turns but boy were we rewarded as the video below can testify.

So once again we left the mountain shaking our heads at how good the skiing and riding was and how lucky we were to be there. Long live the Wolf!

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  • Geoffrey Gilbert Says:

    I spent my President’s Day the same exact way, except there were no Rocky Mountains, waist-high fresh powder, snow-covered trees or music bed blaring in the background. I just lay in bed listening to my favorite hit from Duran Duran, “Hungry Like A Wolf Creek.”

  • Dire Wolf Says:

    Nice to see you’re keeping the video editors busy at People Productions, love the new helmet cam. My back hurts just from watching those turns and I’m glad you didn’t do a Sonny Bono on one of those trees. Looked a little crowded on the trail, like the Cross Bronx on the way to Jones Creek.

  • Mardi Moore Says:


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