A Snovember to Remember

Better than a field of gold - Berthoud Pass - photo by Joel Gratz

Alright – I’ll admit it – I’ve really been slacking on the blogging thing. After three years where the I didn’t get out in November due to poor snow conditions, this year has been a very refreshing change of pace. Steamboat set a snowfall record for the month and numerous Colorado resorts were way ahead of typical year to date totals. I was personally lucky enough to get in 6 days 5 of which were legitimate powder days. So why no posts?

Getting up early has its' advantages - on the road to Vail 11/19/2010

You know the old saying “powder has no friends” – well actually in my case while powder has lots of friends – most of those friends have jobs and can’t ski/ride during the week. Thus I often end up riding by myself and that doesn’t make for great photo opportunities and this blog without photos is just a lot of cold air. Opening day at Vail was a perfect example of this because despite giving my ski associates plenty of notice, no one was able to make the trip with me. Vail opened with over a 1000 acres and bless their hearts, groomed very little of it. I immediately headed to Game Creek Bowl and was pleasantly surprised to find all the northside trees totally rideable so spent a very fun hour or two laying down first tracks through the woods some of which I captured on my camera in the video below.

Opening Day – Vail 2010

Vail has since opened almost the entire mountain with the exception of the new chair 5 lift which will open this Friday. I caught the opening of China Bowl the day before Thanksgiving and even though I had company on that trip it was so cold that the price of getting any pics or video would have included frostbite which is where I draw the line for my faithful readers. Sadly, I missed the opening of Blue Sky Basin this past Friday but heard it was quite fun – all in all, Vail is off to a great start.

Jean Francois bustin' it at Berthoud 11/17/2010

All my other days this month were spent at my favorite backcountry paradise, Berthoud Pass. I’ve documented many a fine day at the Pass on this blog so I won’t go into any details here other than to say the hill is already in great shape and am looking forward to future fabulous forays in the coming year. Thanks to everyones’s favorite forecaster, Joel Gratz, I was able to put together the footage below of a typical run down Hell’s Half Acre. And none of those whoops were added in in post.

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  • Geoffrey Gilbert Says:

    You say “powder has no friends.” I say “good friends and brothers are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there. Great video, really gives you the flavor of the incredible Vail and Hell’s Half Acre experience. I would have gone with you but that means I would have had to put on a jacket.

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