Was it something we said?

Last night as we went to bed confidence was high. The stars were out, a cool wind was blowing and even though the snow near our lodge could best be described as creme brulee (a thin crust with soft stuff beneath it) we felt tomorrow held great promise. Unfortunately, like the best laid plans of mice and men, it clouded up in the middle of the night and at four in the morning  started to rain. By eight it had turned to snow but with temperatures hovering around freezing, the helicopter was a no go for the day. The rain that did fall also significantly raised the avalanche danger which in turn severely reduced the terrain available by cat. The staff here rose to the occasion by holding an impromptu avalanche training course and then managed to find some terrain that was safe to ski. There was even some deep powder to be had for short shots and the heavy snow made for a good workout. All in all they did the best they could to salvage the day and we’re all grateful for that. The bigger concern is that it’s still misting/snowing and unclear as to whether tomorrow will be any different. So we’ve all promised to be good and never do again whatever has caused this to happen but only time will tell if our prayers will be answered…

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