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Sadly, not this week - Wolf Creek 4/09

Last week I got myself all worked up about missing a big opening day at Wolf Creek.  I was thinking they’d get 3 or 4 feet and open the whole mountain on opening day and I’d be home in Boulder nursing my repaired shoulder and feeling sorry for myself. Turns out they only got 26″ (a minor storm for them) and just opened the front side. We got 2 plus feet in Boulder but except for perhaps Eldora (which won’t open till the end of the month) the mountains did not do all that well out of this storm. It was primarily an upslope event so while the front range got smacked Loveland and A-Basin only got 10″ each and the amounts went down from there as you went west. Vail Resorts of course put out an email saying how the mountains could receive up to 4 feet of snow but if you take a look at their web cams you can see that they didn’t quite fair so well. Until the mountains start putting up their snow totals, the only way to really see what they’re getting (other than having friends at the mountain) is to look at web cams which there are a ton of these days.  I’ve created a page with all my favorite cams and I’ll be watching those along with the weather and snow reports until my shoulder heals or the snow gets too deep to resist – whichever comes first…

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  • Freedo Says:

    Aloha Bradly

    Mammoth opened for a minute and then closed because of too much Cali sun. Opens again this weekend. Expecting a big dumpathon of a year.

    I’ll be checking your posts from the Creek.

    Thanks for doing this and good to hear from ya

  • LK Says:

    Stagecoach is off to an awesome start thanks to these last 2 storms hitting us one after another. If this keeps up, I’ll be doing some turns next week.

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