My inspiration in life – Paul Gilbert

Now that's a handsome man

Since I’ve become a blogging maniac I thought I’d honor my brother Paul’s 55th birthday by writing a post about what he’s meant to me in my life. I will preface this post by acknowledging in advance that I will be using every cliche and piece of family material available to me. This is a result of waiting till the last minute to compose this post and being totally wasted from skiing like a maniac all day today in Aspen. Since Paul’s birthday falls in February I often ski on his birthday in order to insure that at least one of us has a great day. No thanks are needed for providing this service.

He's been like a brother to me

Paul and I were very close when growing up as we both lived in the same house. I can remember fondly those days before the family had a dog or he had a girlfriend when he would come into my room and throw everything on my desk at me. As I’ve noted many times before, he helped the family save on expensive dental bills by knocking out my two front teeth and taught me a valuable lesson about the flight trajectory of an acorn when properly thrown. He also introduced me to several other things which I can not discuss in a public blog but suffice to say my eyes are still red from the experience.

Paul and familia

Paul and family

Paul has become quite the family man which is somewhat ironic considering he has spent a good part of his life trying to escape from ours. He found himself a beautiful wife on the gritty streets of New York City and together they have produced two wonderful children who have brought them nothing but pleasure (I’m paraphrasing here). Recently they added a blonde to the family and while some were disappointed it was not a Swedish maid, she has come to hold a special place in the hearts and under their feet.

Now that's a family portrait!

As you can tell from the picture above, Paul has always been a bit of a clothes horse (not to mention his ability to grow fine facial hair). A master shopper, gourmet chef, and accomplished writer, Paul is a true renaissance man. Not one to let work define him, he has taken the art of finding meaning in life to a new level. Now, if he could only get paid for it, he’d really be on to something.

The thinker times two

I guess this is the part of the blog where I acknowledge that I owe all my success in life to Paul. The introduction he gave me to Bob Newman that started me on my video path has let to a thriving business that is now so busy that I can no longer help Paul with any of his projects (sorry about that). But I am totally  confident that Paul will find a way for me to make it up to him and can’t wait to see what how much that glass of water will ultimately cost me.

What the hell are we so happy about?

But more important than the business leads, the fun filled family memories, or the totally unwanted dating tips, Paul has always been there for me on the most important level – when I just need someone to listen to my woes, I can always count on Paul to sympathize and never give any unsolicited advice and what more really could I ask for (other than my two front teeth back). In all seriousness Paul is a great brother and I am totally blessed to have him in my life. So on this day, I want to wish him the happiest of birthdays with many, many more to come!


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